Trial Spanish classes have become a logical first step before committing time and money to a group class or a package of private classes for many new students.

With a trial class you will have an opportunity to meet our instructors, experience their teaching style, and understand the very effective methodology used by our school.

Scheduling a trial class is quick and easy. You don't have to register for a class after a trial if you feel it was not a good fit for you.

Follow the steps below...

1st Step: Register For A Trial

Trial classes used to be FREE. However, due to excessive no shows, we are now forced to request a fee to make sure students are serious and will attend the trial class they request. Additionally, we feel our instructors deserve to always be compensated for their time.

Select Trial Duration
Trial Location
Your Phone Number

2nd Step: Schedule Your Trial Class

After processing your trial payment, we will contact (email or phone if provided by you) to schedule your trial class on a day/time that works best for you.

3rd Step: You Meet With Your Instructor For Your Trial Class