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Our Locations:





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Spanish Language Center (founded in 2001)

  1. We are Chicago's largest Spanish school with three locations (Downtown, Lakeview and Palatine). Onsite and online classes are available too!
  1. Our instruction is not improvised! ALL of our instructors are trained to apply the guidelines of an effective methodology (Cortez Method) that naturally leads to conversation.
  1. We are proud to have thousands of satisfied students who can now say "¡Yo hablo español!"

Our guarantee: You start speaking Spanish in class numero uno! If not, we will refund you your money.

About Us

Spanish Language Center specializes in the Spanish language instruction for all levels and offers the widest range of options for you. We do out number any other language school with locations and also with course options depending on your needs, interest and budget . Be assured that with us, you will be in the best hands as the quality of our instruction excels over any other!


Spanish Classes: 10 Options

These options :

  1. Group classes for different levels
  2. Conversation-only classes for intermediate and advanced levels
  3. Private for one on one attention and sheduling flexibility
  4. Semi-private classes - make your own group
  5. Live Online Classes or Onsite if coming to us is a problem due to distance or time
  6. Corporate for staff members and coworkers
  7. Intensive Weekends for immersion on the same weekend
  8. Spanish for Travelers
  9. Children and Teenagers
  10. Workshops for Specific Fields


Spanish for Specific Professional Fields

If your interest is specific to a professional field, we offer conveniently short and effective intensive weekend Spanish Language Workshops for different professional fields that include:

Spanish for Children and Youth

SpanishLC for Kids is available for all ages: infants to 12th grade! Here are the options for your child:


Onsite or Online Classes

For those who do not have the time (or ability) to come to any of our locations for classes, we offer Onsite Spanish Classes at your home or place of work. We also offer onsite Corporate/Business Classes for bigger groups at your place of work. Another affordable and convenient option for onsite instruction are Online Spanish Classes.


What sets us apart?

Because of the different options available to study Spanish, we are commonly asked what sets us apart. Some think that the fact that we offer FREE tutoring to our students clearly demonstrates our genuine interest in teaching Spanish and getting the job done. We modestly believe that what really sets us apart is that the quality of our instruction is unlike any other.

Nevertheless, based on a survey among our students we have put together this list: 13 Reasons That Make SpanishLC the Best Spanish Language School.

You may also want to consider reading the different reviews online (citysearch, yelp, etc.) or these testimonials.


Is our Tuition the cheapest?

Time and time again, we hear from our saying that they "get much more than they pay for."

We pride ourselves of providing the highest quality of Spanish language instruction available in the market today. We are about teaching Spanish and we strive very hard to improve day after day – always with reasonable and affordable tuition rates for you.

We may not be the cheapest Spanish school as we set the pace and the others follow, but again we do offer the most effective Spanish learning method with highly trained instructors.


Our Teachers

Simply said, Spanish Language Center stands above all other schools because our teachers are the best! At least that is what most of our students say.

Our school “strives to offer the highest quality of Spanish instruction” and that is why our director (Juan G. Cortez) personally interviews, assesses and then trains every instructor who teaches for our school.

All new instructors have to undergo many hours of training before ever giving their first class – in order to enrich their previous experiences and bring them to par with our methodology. All current teachers are expected to continue constant training in order to make sure that the excellence of their instruction is always kept fresh and at its highest level possible.

The Spanish language and its grammar hold many intricacies that teachers need to be able to explain clearly in order to fully satisfy our students' need to know “¿Por qué?


Our Admnistrative Staff: Always ready & willilng to help

Our office staff is devoted to making your experience with us a great one from the moment you contact us for the first time. We will help you register for a class, or schedule a private one, help you with an assessment, reschedule you (when an emergency arises), re-enroll you to continue with your classes (we have a lot of experience with this because it happens A LOT), or just answer any questions that you may have about our school and classes.


Online Blackboard for Every student

Every student who is registered for class will have access to a virtual page (SpanishLC Blackboard) for his/her class. The student will be provided with a username and password and have direct and immediate access to receive or post messages with the administration, the class instructor and classmates. Any class material that a class may require for extended practice will also be posted here.


Our Class Methodology and Materials

The continuing success and growth of our school is thanks to clear, fun and effective guidelines for every level established by the Cortez Method. This method is based on its authors experience of teaching Spanish for 12+ years and covers what every Spanish students wants and needs to learn within each different level. All our courses, Intro to Advanced use the books of the Cortez Method.


Testimonials & Reviews

Please read the testimonials/reviews posted on Citysearch, Yelp, Google and others about us. We pride ourselves with never having had to make them up or to remove them. When comparing with other language schools, sadly many competitors have bad reviews constantly removed.

One of our favorite reviews was posted by mleemann in Citysearch in 2008. It is long, but we beliveve it captures very well the essense of what our classes are about:

"What can I say to convince everyone who is interested in taking Spanish lessons to go to the Spanish Language Center ? It's by far the best school I have gone to, and I've tried a number of different schools. The teachers are excellent and know how to teach Spanish where it makes sense. They even have instructors from different dialects that you can request such as teachers from Mexico , Spain , or Peru (or other). They use a logical sequence in their teaching style and put it all together for the student. The material they use goes in order like learning the basics and then covering each tense; in addition, they add in special explanations on what to watch out for when learning Spanish. I have so many light bulbs going off in my head after every class I take there. I have been studying with them for five months now, and I can actually speak in Spanish. They use a truly amazing technique that works! As an adult learner, you need to know how Spanish relates to English. You also need a teacher that is both a native speaker and who knows how to speak English. At one other school I tried, the Spanish instructor did not know one single word of English so if we had a question on how Spanish relates to English, the teacher couldn't tell us. The whole class was very disappointed in that school's teaching style. You won't find this at the Spanish Language Center . They go above and beyond to give you top-notch instruction in an orderly fashion. It's a great school and money well spent if you want to learn Spanish. I'm so happy I found them. You will not have to continue wasting money on programs that don't work like I have done."

More Testimonials


Our Pledge to You

Our mission is to help our students attain, recover and/or improve Spanish proficiency. We will offer you a class format that delivers an effective methodology by a well-prepared, knowledgeable and patient teacher.

We will offer you a wonderful and enjoyable experience as you reach your goal of learning and constantly improving your Spanish conversational skills. Learning to read and write will happen by default.

Last but not least, we want to have a lasting positive impact on you. We will prove to you that you can also be a Spanish speaker.


What is my current Spanish level?

The first step toward studying Spanish is to determine your level. Unless you already know what your level is, you will need to determine it before registering for a group class. Are you an Intro level? Or maybe Beginner? How about Intermediate? or Advanced? Hmmm! If you are interested in private instruction (no level assessment is required because the class is one-on-one) you can move on to register by clicking here.

Am I an Intro Level Student?

You belong to this level if you know nothing, or if you do know something but can't really say much. If you know a few words and phrases here and there but can't really structure anything, then you belong here. Can you say any of the following in Spanish?

  • What are you going to do on Friday?
  • My parents want to visit this weekend.
  • Maria's friend has to work tonight.
  • I'm studying Spanish because I want to be able to speak with my friends

If not, you probably do belong in the Intro level. For more information about the Intro level, group classes and online assessment, click here.

Maybe I am a Beginner level

¡Claro que sí! (Of course)... provided that you understand the basic actions in Spanish which include "to like to do", "to have done" and "to be doing". You are also a beginner if you can say the following in Spanish:

  • I am going to call you tomorrow.
  • Maria hasn't called me today.
  • My friends and I like to go out on the weekends.
  • I am studying Spanish because I want to be able to speak

Please be aware that having Hispanic heritage, or having taken a Spanish class here or there, or having travelled to Spanish-speaking countries, but being able to say close-to-nada does not qualify you as a Beginner-level student instead of an Intro-level.

For more information about the Beginner level, group classes and online assessment, click here.

I know I am an Intermediate Level

Well, if that is the case, your main struggle with the Spanish language is problably the subjunctive. Our intermediate level students have studied a lot of Spanish (in our school you would have gone through all the Intro and Beginner classes for approximately 18 months.

For more information about the Intermediate level, group classes and online assessment, click here.

Mi nivel es avanzado

Si puedes entender esto y has estudiado español por muchos años, pues probablemente tu nivel sea avanzado. Para este nivel es importante poder hablar con cierta fluidez y tener conocimiento de todos los tiempos (presente, pasado, futuro, subjuntivo, etc). Para este nivel tenemos clases de conversación conducidas por instructores capacitados para ayudar con el vocabulario, los tiempos (tenses), estructuras correctas y especialmente para mantener la conversación fluida. Esta clase ayuda a obtener confianza, mejorar pronunciación y entendimiento, y sobretodo pasarla bien mientras aprendemos.

NOTE: If you couldn't understand the above paragraph... we are sorry to have to break the news... but you are not advanced. No worries, we still have a class for you .

Si no estás seguro/a si este es tu nivel, por favor contáctanos y nosotros te haremos una evaluación inmediatamente. Please click here and title your request "I need an assessment for Advanced level" and include a brief description of your experience/background with español. You can also call us at (773) 665-9887.

For more information about the Advanced level and group classes, click here.



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