How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Spanish?

How Many Class Hours Are Needed To Speak Spanish From Scratch?

By Juan G. Cortez

Question: Considering that each year has 8,760 hours (365 days x 24 hours), how many class hours do you think are required learn to speak Spanish?

Answer: If on your first day of class, you can’t say anything or close to nothing in Spanish regardless of having taken classes before or not, you will only need 24 hours to be able to confidently speak in past, present and future! That is right, you only have to attend the 16 weekly 1.5-hour classes of our starting level course (several locations, or at your site, or live online) to acquire the conversational tools to speak in Spanish.

After theses 24 hours of instruction, you will have acquired the conversational foundation that will allow you to hold varied conversations in Spanish with your classmates in group classes or with your instructor in private classes. You will be asking and answering questions about almost any common daily subject you can think of.  Want an idea of what you will be saying?  Click here to see some of other examples.

Can this be guaranteed?  Yes, provided you are of average intelligence, commit to your classes, and don’t have a known learning disability. What other language learning facility or software can guarantee results like this? Nobody/none that we know of.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing!  Or maybe 24 hours if it doesn’t work (you may think).  However, when we guarantee our results we mean that if you attend all weekly classes consecutively as scheduled, and do your homework (which does not require more than 20 minutes of oral exercises a day to assure retention and pronunciation), you will not have a problem.

Why does this method work?  It works because throughout the 24 hour of instruction, the focus is on the most commonly used actions (to be going to, to have to, etc.), most commonly used vocabulary of time (today, tonight, this week, etc.), questions words (what, when, who, why, etc.) and other modifiers (the, these, some, etc.) and you will immediately combine them to form questions and statements for you to talk and ask about every day normal activities.  From day one, you will be speaking out loud in class and will be learning the key Spanish language “lego pieces” required to effectively structure almost anything you may want to say.

Want to learn more about our method and classes? Click here and tell us about you, and we will get right back to you.  We’ll be happy to provide you with a sample class to help answer any questions/doubts that you may have. You can also call us at (312) 345-0225.