Spanish Classes for Kids!

Type of classes available for your child
Your child can register for either private or group classes.

Private classes
Your child meets one-one-one with a Spanish language instructor. Classes advance at your kid's pace. A parent/guardian may be required to be present if child is too young and is not used to being alone with an instructor.

Group classes
For group classes, you create your own group with your child's classmates, friends, relatives or others. You and the other parent(s) figure out a day and time that works best for your group and commit to taking the classes together.

Classes: days, times, duration
Regardless of group or private, ideally classes will meet once a week, on a set day and time, for 1-hour each time. Classes could be longer (1.5 or 2 hours) and/or more frequent as well (meet twice or 3 times a week). We will determine the best day, time, and duration when registering.

Location for classes
Classes will meet at any of our locations in: Downtown, Evanston, Lakeview, Naperville or Palatine. At your site classes may be available at your location depending on your location.

Trial classes
1-hour trial classses are available for your kids. If you prefer, you may sign them up before registration.

If you are ready to start your classes (or trial), do the following:

From below, select one of the 3 options available:
1) Trial class, or
2) Spanish class for one student (6- or 12-hr packages), or
3) Spanish class for your group (6- or 12-hr packages).

Make sure you fill out the section indicating best day for classes (provide a few options) and best times (also provide options).

After clicking the "Sign Up Now" button, you will be taken to a secured PayPal page to complete transaction. Once transaction is completed we will contact you to confirm your registration (or trial class) and to provide you with your instructor's name and contact info, as well as class location.

Select One Option
Select Location:
Preferred days for classes
Preferred time for classes

We will contact you after you purchase your package to schedule your first class.
Your instructor will be able to assess your level and recommend the appropriate class materials.