Xiomara Saavedra

Xiomara (pronounced See-oH-MAH-rah) has been with SpanishLC since 2016. She successfully teaches private and group classes for all levels in our Naperville location.

Xiomara is an enviromentalist. Back in her native Colombia, after obtaining degree in Environmental Sanitation Engineering, she worked in the field for several years while advancing her professional credentials by obtaining other major certifications and specializations.

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Review # 1 by Rose Thomas

"I began the Cortez Method Spanish course at the Spanish Language Center in Naperville, IL 08 weeks ago. I found it to be incredibly helpful in learning this new language in this unique way. Having the skill of speaking an additional language will be invaluable to me in my work in the tourism industry and will allow me to reach out to Spanish speaking people across North and South America and beyond. I am so pleased to have discovered the Spanish Language Center and their excellent teaching methods, which have given me both confidence and increased my desire to learn more about the Hispanic culture. The teacher assigned to my classes, Ms. Xiomara, has made the whole process much less daunting than I imagined thanks to her patience and diligence.

In a relatively short space of time I learned grammar, conversation and writing skills that have given me the confidence to communicate in a new language. I have found the actual classes to be enjoyable and believe that it is the perfect way for anyone to learn a new language quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. The Spanish Language Center has outlets conveniently located in many different areas of the country and I would encourage anyone wanting to learn Spanish competently to enroll at the Spanish Language Center."

Review # 2 by John Leville

"Ok so I know learning a new language can be a daunting task. The Spanish Language Center in Naperville can change that! I have only been taking classes for about 3 months. I am currently in Intro 3 (Introductory Spanish is split into 4 parts, each consisting of 4 weekly classes of 1.5 hours). I already feel like I can speak at a decent level!

Here are a few comments about the Language Center:

1) Teacher Xiomara is great. She is very helpful and personable. Down to earth. She will help you learn at your own pace. Classes are fun!

2) Class flexibility makes it incredibly easy to fit into your every day life. You can schedule for nearly any day or time. Also, Xiomara can usually change it for you if something else comes up. There are no attendance worries and you will get what you paid for!

3) The Cortez Method used is very well designed from what I can tell so far. All topics are introduced in an order that makes learning simple. Each piece of the puzzle falls into place as you go, and you will be speaking right from the start.

When you start learning a new language, it seems so unachievable. But trust me when I say that these classes will make that dream a reality. Now I know that there are tons of other classes, online programs, games, and apps that are made to teach Spanish. I will still highly recommend using those, because the more resources you use the better you will learn. However, the Spanish Language Center will provide you with the strong foundation that you need to learn and improve. I am very confident after taking these classes that I will be bilingual within the year. You can too! So if you have the determination and truly want to learn Spanish, consider joining the Spanish Language Center today!"

Review # 3 by Peter Thompson

"I've just finished my 2nd level course with Spanish Language Center in Naperville, and I have signed up for the third level. Many, many years ago, I had one year of Spanish in high school, and finished the year with a mercy D. I've taken a couple of internet classes since then, but I never got beyond the first few lessons without letting it go. I've always wanted to learn a second language, but thought I just didn't have an aptitude for language. This summer I took a trip to Peru, and came back with a commitment to try again. I signed up and have been taking lessons weekly in Naperville. My in class instructor, Xiomara, is excellent and the classes are set up so each builds on what we learned earlier, so it helps build the vocabulary and grammar. Having the videos and exercises on the website, reinforces what I've learned in class. I'm still early in the process, but I can feel this is working. I will be sticking with the courses, and I can see a future trip where I will be able to speak and understand enough to easily get around on my own."