Tuition For Group Spanish Classes

We ALWAYS make sure that everyone in class is at similar levels! Imagine how distracting it would be finding yourself stuck in a group Spanish class, with a handful of more advanced students who insist on drawing all the attention their way? Or just as bad, to be light years ahead of every other student in your class, with no real chance of being intellectually challenged? It might sound a bit far-fetched, but you would not believe how often this happens in other Spanish schools in Chicago.

Our program is divided into 3 levels and unless you are joining the starting level, you will have to be assessed. (Click here for assessment)

  • Introductory Level: Building a Conversational Foundation - Sixteen weekly 1.5-hour classes(24 hours) that include 4 courses: Intro 1, Intro 2, Intro 3 & Intro 4. Upcoming Classes
  • Beginner Level: Mastering Spanish Tenses and Commands - Thirty-two weekly 1.5-hour classes (48 hours) that include 4 Courses: Beg 1, Beg 2, Beg 3 & Beg 4. Upcoming Classes
  • Intermediate Level: Mastering "El Subjuntivo" - Thirty-two weekly 1.5-hour classes (48 hours) that include 4 Courses: Interm 1, Interm 2, Interm 3 & Interm 4 Upcoming Classes
  • Advanced Level: La Clase de Conversación - This class is a conversation-only class for students who are seeking to improve fluency and comprehension. Upcoming Classes
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  • Private Classes,
  • Spanish for Travelers,
  • Medical Spanish, or
  • Spanish for Educators.
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