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How To Learn Spanish FAST

Learning to speak Spanish can be achieved with only a few hours of instruction. Our students know it. In order to learn Spanish fast, you...


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Are We The Right Spanish Language School For You?

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  Founded in 2001, Spanish Language Center quickly grew to become the largest Spanish school in the State of Illinois. Some of our students even come all the way from Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin to take group and private conversational Spanish classes at any of our four locations in Chicagoland (DowntownLakeview, Evanston and Palatine).

Please review the 12 unique benefits of  taking Spanish classes with us list below. You will then know why we are your NÚMERO UNO choice for Spanish language instruction!

UNO (1): We Specialize in ONE Language: ESPAÑOL

Here's something to think about: What would you think about an authentic Mexican restaurant that also had French, Italian and Chinese cuisine on their menu?  Would you have confidence in the quality and authenticity of their products, or would you see them as someone who's just out to make every dollar they can?  This is precisely how we've come to view so many of the language schools in the market who offer as many languages as they can get students to register for. In a scenario like the one described, how can the quality of instruction be guaranteed? Simple: It can’t!

At the Spanish Language Center, we have always focused all of our efforts on teaching Spanish ONLY! Rest assured that you are receiving truly dedicated attention from qualified instructors who are part of a teaching facility whose SOLE purpose is to help you learn and grow in your abilities to speak Spanish.  At the end of the day, when you decide to learn Spanish with us, you will be dealing with the true Spanish Language Experts!

DOS (2): Proven Success Rate of Excellence, Since 2001

If you've been doing your research on Chicago Spanish classes, you already know that there are a lot of fly-by-night courses being offered.  Only after you've signed up, however, does it become painfully obvious that you're stuck in a situation you'd rather have no part of.  This is precisely the type of scenario we work hard every day to eliminate.  Learning Spanish shouldn't be stressful or laborious, rather one of the most rewarding and positive experiences of your life.  And this is exactly why we're in business today.

At Spanish Language Center we have nothing to hide, and are very proud of the reputation we've established as the top Spanish school in Chicago.  Since first opening our doors in 2001, we've taught thousands of students, many of whom can now read, speak and understand Spanish fluently.  If you're serious about learning español and determined to come away with skills that will last a lifetime, you have our word that we will work tirelessly to make it a reality you can have faith in.

Read some testimonials posted by our students:

TRES (3): Highly-Innovative Cortez Method

While we won’t knock those who use automated programs or software to learn Spanish, there's a fine line between association and practical application.  The Cortez Method is renowned for its unique ability to provide students with a deeper and far more fundamental understanding of what it means to speak, read and truly understand the Spanish language.  Through a carefully developed instruction style honed over many years by our founder, the Cortez Method places a strong emphasis on speaking in properly in past, present and future.  Ultimately, our students walk away with the confidence and knowledge needed to not only understand Spanish, but to embrace it.

From the completion of your very first class, you'll have a deeper understanding of proper sentence structuring, while clearly building a solid foundation that prepares you for more advanced levels of learning. The Cortez Method has been uniquely tailored to make the progression from basic understanding to advanced mastery, one you'll easily understand and moreover, want to practice every day.  This includes instantly knowing when and how to use all of the major tenses, including Present, Preterit, Imperfect, Future, Conditional and, of course, the Subjunctive.

“I have tried other programs in the past and have found the Cortez Method to be the best by far. Each lesson draws on material from the previous chapters (and previous sessions). The vocabulary is constantly reinforced and concepts are reviewed often.

“There really is a ‘method’ and I find that things click into place as I move through the assignments. The order of the lessons is done in a way that as a class we were able to speak in sentences and ask and answer basic questions in no time.”

Kathy Tuite 
Spanish-LC Lakeview student

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CUATRO (4): Our Spanish Classes Are a True Investment

There's nothing worse than thinking you got a great deal on something, only to end up disappointed at having wasted your hard-earned money.  We understand that learning a skill, any skill, is an investment in your future; not just in money, but also in your time, effort and dedication.  Sadly, there are many within the Spanish instruction industry who simply don't care how much or little you retain from their classes.  Even worse, those who regard the ability to speak the Spanish as qualification for being an expert in the field of teaching it.  Our many students will be the first to testify that we do not fall into either of these categories.

We see each student individually, and work with them on an individual basis to ensure the greatest and most effective Spanish learning experience.  When you entrust us to teach you Spanish, you get the assurance that your investment will see the best possible returns in knowledge, confidence and the desire to hone and use your new craft.  Regardless of whether it's for work, school, travel or simply to broaden your knowledge base, we pledge to provide you with the most in-depth understanding of this beautiful language.

Our students have told us that our tuition is very reasonable, and we offer financial assistance (discounts and payment plans) to those on limited budgets, as well as senior citizens, college students, non-profit employees, CPS teachers, US veterans, those who are unemployed, and others.

Dear Spanish Language Center,

I just want to say thank you for the encouragement during my journey to learn Spanish. Even I, someone who struggled to learn Spanish, now have an advantage in my office as a salesperson.

When someone from Latin America or Spain calls into the office and asks to speak with someone who speaks Spanish, I am the only salesperson in the office that is prepared for the task; therefore, all Spanish speaking opportunities come to me. The number of requests literally are growing month-by-month as the world becomes more-and-more global.

I am glad I “bit the bullet” and made the investment of time and money to learn Spanish. In addition to connecting me with a very amazing culture and providing me with more confidence while traveling, I am also now prepared for America’s future.

Again, MUCHAS GRACIAS Spanish Language Center!

Darren Mason
Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle

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CINCO (5): Free Tutoring & Class Repetitions

When deciding on which Spanish instruction school to attend, here's something to ask:  Do they offer free tutoring?  Or how about free class retakes when desired or deemed necessary?  Chances are, you'll either be laughed at or greeted with a disappointing "no."  This is just one of the many attributes which has helped make us the #1 Spanish school in Chicago.

If you're reading this, then it's clear that you're serious about either learning or taking command of your Spanish-speaking abilities.  Regardless of why, we view this as an obligation on our end to make sure you walk away with the knowledge and skills you originally sought.  Unlike some schools that require you to re-enroll and re-invest, Spanish LC offers free tutoring to all students, in addition to free course repetitions for those who need to take them.  Because our method and courses are so well-structured, we rarely find that re-takes are necessary, but isn't it nice to know that they're there for free?  Our instructors are among the very few in Illinois who also offer free tutoring, to help students learn and retain as much as possible.

SEIS (6): Different Courses For Different Levels

Some Spanish teaching facilities offer just one curriculum, and that's it.  If you get it, you get it.  We just don't see the logic in this.  Just as every human being is unique in their character, so too is their skillset and experience level.  Honestly, what would be the point of enrolling in a basic Spanish class, if you already have a firm grasp on the language?  Or worse yet getting thrown into a class of experts, with absolutely no understanding of how Spanish is spoken?

By offering a diverse range of classes for people of every background and experience level, we make it possible to begin learning new concepts from the very first class. Part of our curriculum involves an honest and unbiased assessment of your existing Spanish skills.  This ensures that you're not wasting time or money, while avoiding the possibility of you taking a class that is beyond your comfort zone.  Continuing level classes are available for students who want to further their ability to use different tenses, expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, comprehension and fluency.

SIETE (7): Convenience of Professional Instruction 

Several Locations | Online Classes | Private Spanish Lessons

In these unbelievably hectic times, we understand that free-time is one of the most precious resources.  With this as our motivation, we're proud to offer among the most convenient way to learn Spanish in Chicago.  Our innovative method and high success rate since 2001, has allowed us to make it easy for anyone on the Chicagoland area to learn Español.  Choose from one of our locations (Downtown Chicago, Evanston, Lakeview or Palatine), as well as private instruction at your home or office.  For those with extremely busy or limited schedules, you can also take professional Spanish lessons online using live virtual classes with one of our Cortez-Certified instructors.

Do you own or manage a business where your staff could benefit from being able to understand and speak Spanish?  Our corporate classes remain very popular in the greater Chicago area, and we offer flat group rates as well as discounts for companies looking to enhance their employees' Spanish speaking skills.  Regardless of why, where or how you choose to learn, our entire team will make sure that it takes place in the most comfortable setting possible.  Contact us for more details and options.

OCHO (8): All Classes Grouped with Same-Level Students 

Imagine how distracting it would be finding yourself stuck in beginner's Spanish class, with a handful of advanced students who insist on drawing all the attention their way?  Or just as bad, to be light years ahead of every other student in your class, with no real chance of being intellectually challenged?  It might sound a bit far-fetched, but you would not believe how often this happens in some Spanish classes.  Part of the Cortez Method involves making sure that everyone in class is at similar levels.

When you enroll at Spanish Language Center in Chicago, this is one fear you absolutely will not have to lose sleep over.  One of the things that has made us so popular over the past 14 years, is our ability to identify exactly where a new or returning student is in their Spanish-speaking development.  You may have taken a few classes in high school or college, lived in Mexico or South America for a brief time, or worked in an environment where Spanish was spoken more predominantly than your native tongue.

Regardless of the reason, we make sure you're in the right class from the very first class.  We do this through a very simple and non-stressful student assessment, ensuring that you're in the very best position to learn and retain.

NUEVE (9): Most Qualified Spanish Teaching Faculty

You would be amazed at how many so-called Spanish instructors in Chicago, are essentially learning on the job.  But just as having the ability to speak English doesn’t automatically qualify you as an English teacher, having the ability to speak Spanish won't make you a good Spanish teacher, either.  At Spanish LC in Chicago, we are meticulous when it comes to hiring our instructors.  Our staff includes over 10 Cortez-Certified instructors, who come to us from such diverse cultures as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru and other countries.

All of our instructors are extensively trained on the principles of our company, as well as the fine points and principles of the Cortez Method, as developed by our company's founder.  We go through these exhausting lengths for one reason… to ensure that your learning experience is a successful one, while giving you access to instructors who are patient, compassionate and fully invested in your success.

“I have taken instruction from Spanish LC for over a year, and have found the experience to be both enjoyable and beneficial. The instructors are well prepared, and knowledgeable. They all have been genuinely interested in helping me learn a new language. I have found that the method used by Spanish LC suites me well. The emphasis is speaking Spanish as soon as possible, but also lays out the grammar and language structure in a logical and easy to understand way. In other words, it makes sense.

“I had attempted to learn Spanish twice before. My first attempt was with a well known language company; and, the second with a junior college. The third time, with Spanish LC was a “charm” because the method combined speaking with just the right amount of grammar and structure. I highly recommend Spanish LC, because they helped me learn to speak Spanish!”

John Rodelli 
Spanish-LC Palatine student

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DIEZ (10): 100% Scheduling Flexibility

If you've ever tried to sign up for Spanish lessons in Chicago, you might have found that you're required to work around their schedule.  We see things very differently, and have built our business based on your convenience… not our own.  After all, no two schedules or lifestyles and exactly the same, and we don’t think that your ability to learn this timeless language should be hindered by work, class or family schedules.

As our students will quickly attest to, our schedules are as flexible and accommodating as you'll find anywhere in the Chicago region. We offer the option of day or night classes, seven days a week, with the additional flexibility of private and group classes built completely around your needs and available timeframes.  Best of all, we operate from three locations making it easy to learn on your time and very close to home.

Can't make it to one of our Spanish Learning Centers?  No problem, we're proud to offer private classes that can be scheduled at any time within the hours listed below.

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Sunday  7:00 to 6:00 PM

ONCE (11):  Diploma of Completion & ISBOE Certificate

There's simply no arguing with State-authorized credentials, and since 2006, Spanish-LC has been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education as a certified provider of continuing education.  What does this mean for you?  Well for starters, it means that upon completion of your classes, you'll get more than just a handshake and a receipt.  In addition to the in-depth knowledge you'll carry with you for life, you'll have real credentials to back it.

We're one of the few language centers in Illinois authorized to award certificates for Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU), as well as Continuing Education Units (CEU), upon request after successfully completing your classes.  Moreover, Spanish Language Center Completion Diplomas are also available once you've completed corresponding levels.  This goes for all of the classes we offer; whether they're in our classrooms, online, onsite, with a private instructor, or as part of a group class.

DOCE (12): Helpful & Friendly Office Personnel 

In much the same way that our instructors receive the highest level of training and certification on the Cortez Method, our office staff is thoroughly trained on providing unparalleled customer service and support.  This is something that often goes overlooked when selecting a language school, though no less important in the overall effectiveness of your experience.

We understand and appreciate how spur-of-the-moment life can be.  Things come up, questions arise, schedules get conflicted.  As we’ve learned from our research of other Spanish teaching services, many companies and instructors are not nearly as understanding or helpful when you need to make changes or special arrangements.  Our office staff undergoes a comprehensive training to ensure that they bring compassion and understanding to every phone call, e-mail, or face to face conversation.  Unlike many of our competitors, we don't hit you with big fees for missing or needing to reschedule a class or appointment.

In the event that you ever cannot make it to call, a simple phone call with sufficient notice (24-hour in advance) to (773) 665-9887 is all it takes to resolve virtually any of life's little unexpected situations.  If calling isn't an option, you can always e-mail us directly at coordinator@spanishlc.com

Our office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Weekends: Leave voicemail or email, we'll contact you on Monday

Testimonial from an Advanced Spanish Conversation Class Student

“¡Hola! Me llamo Elena y soy estudiante de la clase de conversación del Spanish Language Center.”

“Soy una estudiante fiel. He estado en Spanish-LC por tanto tiempo porque es una ganga – la clase es pequeña, el maestro facilita la conversación, todos los estudiantes son inteligentes y el precio es razonable.”

“Nuestras conversaciones siempre son muy interesantes, divertidas, y a veces controversiales. ¡Por supuesto que se las recomiendo a todos!”

Warning! If you could NOT read this testimonial, you NEED to be in Spanish class NOW;-) Start here

Congratulations, if you have read this far, it is enough proof that you are serious about learning Spanish! You know that you cannot procrastinate any longer and need to be in Spanish class now. Spanish Language Center is by far the best option in Chicago for you.

If you feel there is something else you would like to know before you proceed or would like us to walk you through the process of registering for class, please call us at (312) 345-0225 or Click Here To Request More Information.

Our goal is to provide you with the BEST Spanish language learning experience that is not onlyeffective and fun, but also affordable.


"What I like about the Spanish Language Center is the method used to teach Spanish… it makes total sense... You start talking in Spanish right away."
Michelle M. (Yelp Review)
Lakeview Student