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Starting level students will speak in past, present and future within 16 weeks… GUARANTEED! Classes for all other levels also available.

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Are We The Right Spanish School For You?

As you are researching which Spanish school is best for you, please consider all the advantages available for you at the Spanish Language Center. Our school is the largest and the only one to offer you...


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Start now! We have group class options for your level or you can start your own private class at any of our 3 locations, at your site or online. The first step towards joining a group or setting your private class is...


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ZERO RISK FOR YOU! Why risk wasting your time and money? With us you will learn to speak Spanish like thousands have since 2001. Otherwise, you get your money back. Our class programs allow new students to...


Are We The Right Spanish Language School For You?

Spanish Language Center (a.k.a. Spanish-LC) is the largest Spanish school in the State of Illinois. Some of our students even come all the way from Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin to take group and private conversational Spanish classes with us. Founded in 2001, Spanish-LC’s effective Spanish instruction lead to a quick expansion. Its current three locations in Chicago land are: 1) Downtown, 2) Lakeview (Chicago’s Northside) and 3) Palatine (Northwestern Suburbs).   Please review the 12 benefits of becoming a Spansh-LC student listed below. You will then know why we are the NÚMERO UNO choice for Spanish language instruction for you!
  1. Our Unique Method
    The methodology that we use is the Cortez Method that was developed by our founder and director. All of our instructors are extensively trained to implement this methodology in every class. Our teaching method is the secret to our success! It effectively and quickly helps you develop (or solidify if you’ve had previous experience) a solid Spanish language foundation. This foundation will allow for real communication in past, present and future in the starting level. More advanced levels concentrate on the specifics of every tense: Present, Preterite, Imperfect, Future, Conditional, and – of course – the Subjunctive.
    “I have tried other programs in the past and have found the Cortez Method to be the best by far. Each lesson draws on material from the previous chapters (and previous sessions). The vocabulary is constantly reinforced and concepts are reviewed often. “There really is a ‘method’ and I find that things click into place as I move through the assignments. The order of the lessons is done in a way that as a class we were able to speak in sentences and ask and answer basic questions in no time.” Kathy Tuite  Spanish-LC Lakeview student Click Here To Request More Information
  2. Our Spanish Classes Are YOUR Investment
    Don’t you hate it when you think you found something so cheap, and then it turns out not to be good, and ends up being a waste of your money? Beware with the Spanish instruction “industry” as it is plagued with a lot of improvised instruction by improvised instructors whose only qualification is their ability to speak Spanish. Don’t throw your money away, INVEST IT! (Always be careful of Spanish instruction whose best argument is its low price). Having said that, we know that an important concern for some is “¿Cuánto cuesta?” (How much does it cost?). Regardless of the reason why you want to take Spanish classes, your Spanish instruction should always be treated as an investment. Be assured that any money invested into your Spanish instruction with Spanish-LC will yield a profit in many areas of your life! It’s not surprising for us to see our students become Spanish speakers. However, it’s always especially rewarding when we see them become $panish $peakers!Please read what one of them has to say:
    Dear Spanish Language Center, I just want to say thank you for the encouragement during my journey to learn Spanish. Even I, someone who struggled to learn Spanish, now have an advantage in my office as a salesperson. When someone from Latin America or Spain calls into the office and asks to speak with someone who speaks Spanish, I am the only salesperson in the office that is prepared for the task; therefore, all Spanish speaking opportunities come to me. The number of requests literally are growing month-by-month as the world becomes more-and-more global. I am glad I “bit the bullet” and made the investment of time and money to learn Spanish. In addition to connecting me with a very amazing culture and providing me with more confidence while traveling, I am also now prepared for America’s future. Again, thank you Spanish Language Center! Darren Mason Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Click Here To Request More Information
      FYI, based on student feedback, most consider our tution rates for group and privateinstruction to be very reasonable. Financial Aid – As we do understand that not all students may have the same financial capability to pursue the important goal of becoming a Spanish-speaker. We do offer special discounts (that my include installment payment options) for individuals who make less than 35K a year. This includes senior citizens, college students, non-profit employees, CPS teachers, US veterans, those who are unemployed, among others. Remember, we are NOT a non-profit organization and are instruction is never for free.
  3. Convenience of Professional Instruction at our 3 Locations, Your Site or Online

    We understand that time is everybody’s most precious resource. That’s why our students appreciate the convenience of a shorter commute to our closest location to them: 1) Downtown Chicago, 2) Lakeview (Chicago’s Northside) and 3)Palatine (Northwestern Suburbs).

    Furthermore, if our locations are not close enough or your time is extremely limited, one of our instructors may come to you in person for class. You may opt for an in person class at your site or online live classes. Please Contact Us for more details.

  4. Different Courses For Different Levels
    After completing your first 16 weeks, we have courses for students who wish to continue advancing with their studies. These more advanced classes are also available for students who join our school for a first time. Click here to see the details of all courses offered.Continuing level classes are available for students who want to further polish their ability to use different tenses, expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, comprehension and fluency.Click here for complete list of courses available.
  5. The Largest & Most Qualified Spanish Teaching Faculty in Chicagoland
    Spanish-LC always keeps a staff of 10+ Spanish language instructors from diverse origins such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ecuador, Peru and others. As mentioned earlier, all instructors are thoroughly trained to teach with the Cortez Methoddeveloped by the founder and director of our school. This method clearly presents the stepping stones for each level and lays out a path for students to easily apply them in conversation from day one! All classes are planned out in advance and clearly explained by well prepared instructors. Students find our logical, easy and effective teaching methodology to be the biggest plus of our school. Please read the following excerpt taken from a testimonial posted on Yelp:
    “I have taken instruction from Spanish LC for over a year, and have found the experience to be both enjoyable and beneficial. The instructors are well prepared, and knowledgeable. They all have been genuinely interested in helping me learn a new language. I have found that the method used by Spanish LC suites me well. The emphasis is speaking Spanish as soon as possible, but also lays out the grammar and language structure in a logical and easy to understand way. In other words, it makes sense. “I had attempted to learn Spanish twice before. My first attempt was with a well known language company; and, the second with a junior college. The third time, with Spanish LC was a “charm” because the method combined speaking with just the right amount of grammar and structure. I highly recommend Spanish LC, because they helped me learn to speak Spanish!” John Rodelli  Spanish-LC Palatine student Click Here To Request More Information
  6. 100% Scheduling Flexibility
    Our scheduling is EXTREMELY flexible. Different Spanish group classes are available seven days a week at different times. Private classes may be scheduled at any time within the hours listed below.

    Mon – Fri 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

    Sat 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

    Sun 7:00 to 6:00 PM

    Click here for upcoming group classes

  7. Proven Track Record For Excellence Since 2001
    Spanish-LC has a proven track record of offering quality Spanish classes in group, private and corporate settings in the Chicagoland area. Our classes are offered year round. Our mission is to teach Spanish! Since 2001, we have been trusted by 5,000+ students!
  8. Free Tutoring And/Or FREE Class Repetition When Needed
    So the goal (yours and OURS) is that you become a Spanish speaker. On your end, make the committment, come to class, do your homework and practice. On our end, in addition to well structured classes provided by excellent instructors, you are entitled to:1) FREE TUTORING for further explanation or clarification of any topic covered in class (don’t be surprised if we have our director do the tutoring in person), and2) FREE CLASS REPETITION for group students when their instructor agrees that it is necessary.Click Here To Request More Information
    Good luck finding another school who will offer you FREE tutoring and the option to repeat for free like we do ;-)  
  9. Diploma of Completion And Illinois State Board of Education Certificate
    Since 2006, Spanish-LC has been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education as a provider of continuing education. We are authorized to officially award certificates for CPDU (continuing professional development units) and CEU (continuing education units) upon request. Spanish-LC Completion Diplomas are also available per completion of each of the following level.
  10. We Specialize in ONE Language ONLY: ESPAÑOL
    How would you feel about an Italian restaurant that claimed to “specialize” in Indian, Chinese, and Mexican food among others? How good could the quality of its food really be? That’s exactly how we feel about “language” schools who claim to specialize in every language you can think of… Really?!!! You can’t even start to imagine ALL the work we have to go through to recruit, interview, and then thoroughly train our instructors before they give a first class. Now imagine doing this for multiple different languages. It just doesn’t happen. You want to deal with Spanish language experts? Here we are. That is what we do. That is our specialty!
  11. Friendly Office Staff
    Our friendly office staff is always ready and willing to assist you. Need help with upcoming classes? Call us. Need to reschedule a class (with proper notice) do to an emergency. Let us know and we’ll help you out. You can always contact us via email (coordinator@spanishlc.com) or call our central line (773) 665-9887. Our office hours are:

    Mon – Thu 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Fri 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Sat & Sun Leave voicemail or email and we will contact you on Monday.

    Click Here To Request More Information

  12. Our School Groups Students With Same-Level Peers (you'd be surprised how this is not the case everywhere)
    You wouldn’t like to be trapped in a class with students of different levels. Would you? We have heard from students complaining about past experiences at other “language schools” where students of different levels are all packed into the same class and then asked to smile for a picture to post online. Of course this happens on the first day of class. With us, you will NEVER have that problem. Every student WILL have to be assessed in order to be properly placed with the right group level. Don’t even worry about the assessment process because it is very simple. We will provide you an online option and/or have an instructor evaluate your level over the phone. If you prefer, in person assessments are also available upon request. Click here to see more about our levels.

    Testimonial from an Advanced Spanish Conversation Class Student

    “¡Hola! Me llamo Elena y soy estudiante de la clase de conversación del Spanish Language Center.” “Soy una estudiante fiel. He estado en Spanish-LC por tanto tiempo porque es una ganga – la clase es pequeña, el maestro facilita la conversación, todos los estudiantes son inteligentes y el precio es razonable.” “Nuestras conversaciones siempre son muy interesantes, divertidas, y a veces controversiales. ¡Por supuesto que se las recomiendo a todos!” Warning! If you could NOT read this testimonial, you NEED to be in Spanish class NOW;-)Start here
Congratulations, if you have read this far, it is enough proof that you are serious about learning Spanish! You know that you cannot procrastinate any longer and need to be in Spanish class now. Spanish-LC is by far the best option in Chicago for you. If you feel there is something else you would like to know before you proceed or would like us to walk you through the process of registering for class, please call us at (773) 665-9887 orClick Here To Request More Information.  
Our goal is to provide you with the BEST Spanish language learning experience that is not onlyeffective and fun, but also affordable.


I have taken instruction from Spanish LC for over a year, and have found the experience to be both enjoyable and beneficial. The instructors are well prepared, and knowledgeable.
John Rodelli
Palatine student