Spanish Language Center – (877) 452-0296

Spanish Language Center was in founded in 2001. Today it has become Chicago's largest Spanish school offering live classes at its five locations and/or live online.

We Guarantee You Will Fulfill Your Goal Of Becoming a Spanish Speaker


Our Method is Logical, Easy, Fun and Effective.

Spanish classes are available for Adults, Kids or Corporate.

Learn Spanish with a method that REALLY works

Our classes work because:

1) OUR INSTRUCTORS are bilingual (native Spanish speakers who also speak English) and are certified instructors with much experience,

2) OUR CONVERSATIONAL APPROACH which makes our students start participating from class one, and

3) We use a fun and logical method that provides a solid foundation that allows our students to become conversational in the Introductory level.

Spanish classes are available for Adults, Kids or Corporate.


Due to the effectiveness of our teaching, we have become Chicago's largest Spanish language school with 5 locations: Downtown, Lakeview, Evanston, Naperville and Palatine.


We are the only Spanish school that guarantees results! You will become conversational within the first 24 hours of instruction (group or private classes).


Due to an excess of caution for the well being of our students and instructors, we are only offering live online classes (at a discounted rate) until Spring 2021.