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Spanish Classes in Chicago: 3 Locations Available

Are We The Right Spanish School For You?

Spanish Language Center (a.k.a. Spanish-LC) is the largest Spanish school in the State of Illinois. Some of our students even come all the way from Indiana and Wisconsin to take group and private conversational Spanish classes with us.

Founded in 2001, Spanish-LC’s fun and effective Spanish instruction lead to a quick expansion. Our current three locations are: 1) Downtown Chicago, 2)Lakeview (Chicago’s Northside) and 3) Palatine (Northwestern Suburbs).

We are the NÚMERO UNO choice for Spanish language instruction for you. Please keep reading below for more information about our Spanish classes to help you decide if we are the best option for you.

How To Choose The Right Spanish School 

You probably have many questions that you would like answered before deciding on the right Spanish school for you.  First, however, you have to ask yourself the most important question of all:  Am I TRULY interested in learning to speak Spanish or am I just looking for a place or person to have fun? This is very important as many Spanish teaching facilities and instructors can provide a fun time but not a educational experience. In our case, we can ONLY help you if your number one priority is to be a bilingual Spanish speaker.  If you are looking for a place to kill time, you will have to look elsewhere (luckily, there are plenty of options available for that).

Now, if becoming a Spanish speaker is your goal then there are some questions that need to be answered for you by your future Spanish instruction provider:

    1. What is the guarantee that I will learn?
    2. Are there any referrals available of people who can confirm that they did learn Spanish with this school or person?
    3. Is a free trial class available for me to get a feeling of the instruction quality?
    4. Can the goals of each of my lessons be clearly explained to me?
    5. How exactly and I going to learn?

The questions can go on and on, and we will be more than happy to sit down with you and answer every single one of them.  Any serious Spanish instruction provider (be it a school or an instructor) should have answers that make sense, are clear and truthful. Please click here if you would like to contact us now with a specific questions.

Below, we provide you with a few important pointers about our school, our teaching program and our commitment towards teaching Spanish. Please review them so that you can know a little more about who we are, what we do and why we are your best option to becoming a Spanish speaker.

1) Money-Back Guarantee

We teach Spanish and have been doing so professionally and successfully since 2001.  We can guarantee the results because we have an effective method, a professional and comfortable setting, as well as experienced, trained and professional instructors. If you are serious about learning Spanish, then we are the school you are looking for. We can guarantee the results with a money back guarantee.  If we cannot teach you Spanish, we give you your money back.  Simple as that! No other Spanish teaching school can offer this guarantee. Why?  Because they would go out of business.

We do have to admit that with our classes you will not learn how to make guacamole, or get drunk with margaritas at a Mexican restaurant or crack up with clownish performances.  Why are we saying this?  Well, because many other facilities or freelance instructors have to make up for their lack of an effective class with either: “Let’s learn how to make guacamole ” or “let’s go to the Mexican restaurant for margaritas” or even conduct class with elaborate theatrics. We do not do any of this. We only have one offer for you:  Come in, relax, and start learning to speak Spanish. We will not take you to dance salsa, or to sing with Mariachis, but you will walk out of our classes speaking Spanish. That we can guarantee! Click here for more information about our “garantía.”

2) Try Class Before Committing 

So with our money back guarantee you are assured that you will not be throwing your money and time away, but… how do you know if our class will really work for you?  Well, come in for a trial class.  Call us at our central number (773) 665-9887 or click here and let's do it!  You can try your class at any of our three locations, online or over the phone.  Your choice.  Anybody who is serious about what they are offering should have no problem in providing a free sample for you.  Ultimately, why would we want you as our student if you did not like our method… however, be warned you will love it!  Click here if you would like information about the trial class.

3) Only One Specialty: ESPAÑOL

When craving for a specific type of food, let's say authentic and tasty Mexican or Italian… do you go to your favorite Mexican or Italian restaurant?  Or do you settle for the diner in the corner that offers all the options?  It is the same deal with learning a language.  How good can a school that claims to specialize in all languages really be with any one of them specifically? You probably get the point.

When the option of going to the experts who only specialize in one language is available, why settle for the ones who claim to be experts in all the language options that can bring in a buck?  How good and truthful can they be?  If you are thinking "probably not so good," then we agree with you. Our school, the Spanish Language Center, like its name claims, specializes in one language ONLY: Spanish. We have been doing it since 2001.  (Did we mention that we offer a money back guarantee?). Before putting any instructor in a class, they have to pass an extensive process of interviews and commit to constant training before and during their time with our school.

There are so many idiomatic subtleties and nuances unique only to the Spanish language that anybody who claims that they can teach Spanish as good as they can teach other languages is probably not doing a good job at it.  Click here to get a free report about the most common myths about learning a language.

4) How Much Time Is Needed To Learn Spanish

Here is a popular question among those interested in learning Spanish: How long is it going to take for me to speak Spanish? Let's compare that question with other similar ones as "How long will it take for me to loose weight?" or "How long do I have to train for before running a marathon?"  Can it happen overnight?  How about with an intensive bootcamp-like program?

Just because of common sense, you probably know that nobody can get fit or ready for a marathon overnight or over a weekend.  With learning a language it is the same thing.  There is a process involved.  Some time is required and also - most importantly - the correct guidelines need to be followed. This can only happen when in the hands of experts. Beware of anybody who offers "miraculous" intensive or bootcamp weekends to learn Spanish.  It doesn't happen like that.  Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

However, here is something you will  like.  The Spanish Language Center is the ONLY school with a proven method that will have you speaking Spanish in past, present and future within 16 weeks.  If not… did we mention we have a money-back guarantee?  Click here to get more information about how you can also become a Spanish speaker in 16 weeks or less.

Bottom Line About Learning Spanish

Learning to speak Spanish is a 100% accomplishable goal for you regardless of your age or current Spanish level. There are tons of options available and everybody claiming to be the best for one reason or another.  We just have one promise to you… YOU WILL SPEAK SPANISH!  We will make sure it happens with a fun, practical and effective method delivered by well prepared and experienced instructors.  Take no chances with your money and time.  Give us a try and your only regret will be "Why didn't I take classes with these guys before!"  Wait no longer.  The time is now.  Pick up your phone and dial (773) 665-9887 or click here to set up your class.  We will even give you a free gift for you! (Everybody likes a gifts, c'mon, let this be the excuse you needed to take the first step towards being bilingual in Spanish.)