Upcoming Spanish Classes For You

Spanish Language Center is Chicago's largest Spanish language school with multilple locations available for classes as well as live online classes. Since 2001, the effectiveness of our classes has drawn in thousands of students. This growing demand for our classes is the reason why we constantly grow to new locations not only in the Chicagoland area in Illinois, but also in other states.

Our Spanish classes are available year-round, and students may enroll at any time. Private or semi-private classes may start immediately and upcoming group class schedules are listed online (click on the link below of your preferred location).

Trial classes are also available. Click here to schedule one.

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Secret Of Our Success

There is only one reason why the demand for our classes has grown beyond Chicago limits. That reason is our logical and effective teaching methodology: The Cortez Method™.

Throughout the years, as some of our instructors relocate, and as new instructors join our effort to teach Spanish in other cities, we now have Spanish classes available in other locations outside the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to eventually have a qualified instructor - trained to teach with our methodology - available at every city in the United States. Meanwhile, if the commute to any of our locations is not convenient for you, you may still take Spanish classes with one of our qualified instructors live online (if in doubt, click here for a FREE online trial class).