Our Method

Learn To Speak Spanish In 24 Hours OR LESS! 

"Impossible!" You may rush to think; but not so fast. Give us a minute of your time to explain to you how this IS possible. Be assured that our method has been proven to be effective, fun and practical. Thousands of students have been learning with it in our school since 2001. Scroll down for more details.

First, let us emphasize again that our method WILL work for you even if you can't really say much or anything in Spanish.  Regardless if you having taken Spanish classes or not before, our classes WILL get you speaking faster than you ever thought possible - and also confidently.

This is how we do it:

We will keep ALL our class time oral.  That means that you will be applying everything learned in oral exercises. We will provide you different pieces of the Spanish language puzzle in order for you to say it, retain it through different oral exercises and then combine it to start asking and answering questions.  You will learn important phrases related to time (e.g. today, tonight, this week, etc.) with the basic actions of communication (e.g. to be going to do something, or having to do something, or wanting to do something, along with others). You will also learn other vocabulary required to maintain a regular conversation (e.g. question words like where, who, when, etc.). So, before you know it, you will naturally be saying or asking things like: What are you going to do? Who is going to come? At what time do we have to work? Or, Who is going to work on Sunday? Or, tons of other options that you will be saying in class - to YOUR amazement! (Click here for more examples of phrases you will be able to say.)

Take a minute and 28 seconds to see how Gladys, one of our experienced instructors, describes her class experience with her students in the video below:

All This Magic In ONLY 24 Hours?  

SÍ. Shockingly for most, this all happens in our starting level. This level is called  Introductory and consists of 16 weekly 1.5-hour classes. When multiplying 16 times 1.5 hours of classes, you get 24 hours (16 x 1.5-hr = 24 hrs).  These classes can be taken privately or in groups (you can join ours or create your own with friends and family in a semi-private class)at any of our locations. If you prefer, we can have one of our instructors come to your home or place of work for onsite classes, or you can also meet with one of our instructors live online.

Why Do We Say "OR LESS" in "24 Hours OR LESS"

If we were 100% exact, we would have to say "Learn To Speak Spanish In 15 Hours" (10 weekly 1.5-hr classes) and NOT 24 hours (16 weekly 1.5-hr classes). The reason is that  it will take 15 hours of class instruction for you to learn the the required basic actions of communication that will allow you to hold conversation in past, present and future. We add 9 extra hours (Six weekly 1.5-hour classes) in order for you to master their usage, combine them with object pronouns like me, te, nos, lo, le, se, and others.

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